GuavaJuice Pack Return Instructions

Return Instructions (Meta Mask Example)

This guide assumes you used Metamask to create a wallet to claim your pack NFT. If this is true proceed directly to „Setting up the Polygon Network“. If you already have the polygon network added to your wallet, you can skip all the way ahead to „Transferring your pack on Opensea.

If you used a different wallet, please send the pack NFT to 0xA55aC23aE811F6A4F402c23abA1a928BD9E114c7 in order for Spring to process your refund. Double check you are sending to the correct address. If you accidentally send the NFT to the wrong address, it will not be recoverable by Spring or Opensea and we may not be able to process your refund. If you do not know how to send an NFT from a wallet other than Metamask, please contact Spring support directly. 

Setting up the Polygon Network

The Guava Juice NFTs were minted on the Polygon blockchain, this means you need to tell your wallet to talk to the polygon network instead of the Ethereum network it uses by default. If you already have the Polygon Network RPC set up in your wallet, you can skip ahead to „Transferring your pack on Opensea.

1.  Go to and hover over the “dApps” tab in their menu. Then click the banner which says “Add Polygon PoS Network to Metamask”

2. Metamask will now guide you through adding the network. Simply click “Approve” (screenshot 1) to add the network automatically, and “Switch Network” (screenshot 2) if you are ready to switch to the new network. If you ever want to change your network back, you can do so by clicking the network dropdown in metamask (screenshot 3).

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3




Transferring your pack on Opensea

Opensea is a popular NFT marketplace that allows you to easily view, trade, and transfer NFTs associated with your blockchain wallet. We will use Opensea to transfer your pack for convenience.

1. Navigate to

2. We need to connect our wallet to Opensea’s website so they can validate our account for us. Do so by clicking on the wallet symbol in the top right.

3. Since we are using Metamask in this example, we will click on the MetaMask entry in the list. If you are using another wallet feel free to connect with it instead.

4. Opensea will prompt you to sign a message with your wallet. This shows that you own the wallet in question and will not cost a transaction fee. Click “Accept and sign”

5. Metamask will prompt you to sign a message from Opensea using your wallet. If you don’t see a popup from Metamask, try connecting to Opensea again. If it still doesn’t work, contact Spring support directly for help. Otherwise, click the “Sign” button in the popup.

6. Now you have ‘logged in’ with your wallet and can access your NFT profile. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner, it will likely be a colorful circle. (You can also click the profile button in the dropdown menu).

At this point, you will see your profile. If your pack NFT is visible in the “Collected” section you’re ready to send it. If you can’t see your pack NFT, it may be hidden by Opensea. Once you’ve located the pack NFT in Opensea, proceed with the next step.

7. Click directly on the pack NFT (note the example account we are using does not own a pack NFT, so we use a stand-in)


8. Now we are ready to transfer the NFT. Click on the icon that looks like a little paper airplane or select ‘transfer’

9. In the popup, Opensea will prompt you for which address to send the NFT. Put 0xA55aC23aE811F6A4F402c23abA1a928BD9E114c7 exactly. Double-check that this address is correct. If you accidentally send the NFT to the wrong address, it will not be recoverable by Spring or Opensea and we may not be able to process your refund.

10. Once you have pressed “Transfer” you may be asked to submit a transaction that allows Opensea to transfer your NFT on your behalf. This is normal, and is called a “token allowance”. If you are prompted for this transaction, the process is the same as the following, you will just need to do the next 5 steps two times. Once for the token allowance, and once for the actual transfer. If you are not prompted for a token allowance transaction, simply follow the instructions below once.

First, we will ensure the transaction goes through in a timely manner by updating the transaction fee. Click the “Edit” button on the popup from Metamask.


11. Metamask will warn you Opensea is suggesting a gas fee. It is safe to ignore this warning, as we will be raising the fee to ensure the transaction goes through quickly! Click the “Edit suggested gas fee button”


12. Click the “High” option to tell Metamask to use a higher transaction fee and then click “Save”

13. Now scroll to the bottom of the Metamask popup and click “Confirm” this will submit your transaction to the blockchain!

14. Simply wait for Opensea to confirm your transaction. Once confirmed you’ll see a popup like the one below from Opensea. We ask that you share your transaction hash with us so we can validate the transaction as it happens. Sharing your transaction hash can also allow us to help you if you get stuck. To share the transaction hash first click the link that Opensea provides.

15. This will open the block explorer for the blockchain. Click the little clipboard icon to copy your transaction hash to your clipboard and send it back to our support team.

What if I don’t see my pack?

This could happen for a couple of reasons.


You have the wrong wallet selected

If you have multiple crypto wallets, make sure the correct wallet is selected and connected to opensea. In metamask, this is done by clicking on the colorful profile circle in the top right corner of the popup.

Opensea has hidden your NFT temporarily

Sometimes Opensea puts NFTs temporarily into a “hidden” folder of your profile. This can happen for many reasons, but is typically the result of someone sending you an NFT that you didn’t specifically request, among other reasons. You don’t need to unhide your NFT to send it back to Spring, but you do need to access your hidden folder in order to transfer it.

First, from your Opensea profile click the “More” dropdown button

Next click the “Hidden” menu option.



If you see your pack NFT now, you can go back to the transfer instructions and pick up right where you left off. If you still cannot see your NFT, please let us know.